The following blog speaks to another important issue in the world that requires that the Church must address. A friend on Facebook posted this article from CNN, which reports that more women in Japan die from suicide than from COVID-19. Also, a lot of Pastors commit suicide. Here is an article about this topic which… Continue reading Suicide

False Prophets/Preachers Exposed?

I have written here in the past about how to expose false prophets/teachers. I want to show you a video where this YouTube channel called The Truth Shall Make You Free claims to expose a prophet of the Lord, namely, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. As you shall see, the person behind the video condemns him to… Continue reading False Prophets/Preachers Exposed?

Wondering Wednesday: Healing Energy

Hi everyone! Today on Wondering Wednesday, we will be discussing Qi. This has to do with Healing Energy, which you will learn more about in this article if you haven’t already. This article also goes more into detail as to what the Lord’s heart is on this topic. From what it looks like in… Continue reading Wondering Wednesday: Healing Energy

WE ARE THE RESISTANCE | Mario Murillo Ministries

Casting social distancing to the wind, protesters march across America. Suddenly the virus is not dangerous. The very same media that screamed bloody murder when a handful of people worshipped in church, are rooting for thousands to stand shoulder to shoulder, as they riot in every major city. Why? Because they are the resistance! They…… Continue reading WE ARE THE RESISTANCE | Mario Murillo Ministries

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