Policing and the Bible

The following blog stems from another article from Decision Magazine which can be found here. As you can see when reading the article, this is a question and answer article. I want to begin by reminding you of The Purge Series of movies which you may or may not have watched. As you know, thisContinue reading “Policing and the Bible”

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 10: The Spirit Behind Abortion, Sickness, Racism, Poverty, Disease, Imorality, And More

The following videos discuss the strongman over America and the spiritual aspects of everything we experience such as Racism, Violence, Sickness, Disease, Poverty, Immorality of all kinds, and more. Stay tuned for this and another inqerview which goes in depth about this topic. You will learn: What the Baal Divorce Decree is. The blessings youContinue reading “The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 10: The Spirit Behind Abortion, Sickness, Racism, Poverty, Disease, Imorality, And More”

Antioch Series Part 4: A Heavenly Family — MAPS Global

Even though Peter had the correct theological stance of inclusion for the Gentiles through the gospel at the Jerusalem council, we find out soon that having the right theological stance can be much different than acknowledging your own ethnocentricity and allowing God, by the power of the Spirit, to search you and fully deliver youContinue reading “Antioch Series Part 4: A Heavenly Family — MAPS Global”

Sermon Sunday: Racism

Welcome to Sermon Sunday. Today, it is going to be different. We will be discussing prayerfully. I want to start some discussions in homes. I pray that this will begin a journey for all of us pertaining to the truth about things such as Racism and Abortion. God bless! https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2020/august/what-the-bible-says-about-racism-why-this-mans-article-is-top-search-on-google What does the Bible sayContinue reading “Sermon Sunday: Racism”

An Open Letter To Fellow Trump Supporters

Dear fellow Trump Supporters, Today, I want to address a pet peve of mine. This has to do with how we treat our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord who are Democrats. Today, after listening to some of day 1 of the RNC and days 1-3 of the DNC, I have started to readContinue reading “An Open Letter To Fellow Trump Supporters”

Dismantling America’s Most Controversial Avenue, One Monument at a Time | CBN News

Richmond’s Monument Avenue has arguably become one of the most controversial streets in America. It was lined with confederate statues until massive protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death led to most of them being removed. — Read on www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2020/august/dismantling-americas-most-controversial-avenue-one-monument-at-a-time

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