New Age Deception, Part 15

Welcome again to New Age Deception. I’d like to discuss writing names on papper and burning it to ashes with you today. This is still in the area of White Magic. 1. Introduction: What is it and what is its purpose? You know these movies that show witches casting spells using Caldrons? That, my friend,Continue reading “New Age Deception, Part 15”

Two Days To Get Out

Folks, sorry I’m so late with this blog. This was released sometime Yesterday about California. It has to do with any living there that whatever is about to happen, they will only have 2 days to get out–whatever that may mean. This is not to freak you out. This is only to get you prayingContinue reading “Two Days To Get Out”

Be Faithful to Your Call | Rapture Forums

Be Faithful to Your Call By Nathele Graham Jeremiah was called to be a prophet. This calling was ordained by God prior to Jeremiah being formed in his mother’s — Read on

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