Do. Not. Faint. | Elisha Vision – Commentary

My last post was Do. Not. Fear. Today let’s take it up a level. Do. Not. Faint. You have overcome fear by your faith that God’s got this. Now is the time to buckle up and push forward. I know it’s been a long year getting to the most important election of our lives. Louisiana…… Continue reading Do. Not. Faint. | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Do. Not. Fear. | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Why is such a simple idea so hard for some? We live in a day dominated by fear, not fear of a pandemic, but a pandemic of fear. DO. NOT. FEAR. Why is such a simple idea so hard for some? This basic Bible admonition is seemingly impossible for many. The answer is that we…… Continue reading Do. Not. Fear. | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Amy Means Beloved | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Should we always demand justice? I have a few words today about justice in general and Amy Coney Barrett in particular. Yes, I know the President has the virus, but I trust the Lord to raise him up. The Supreme Court vote is even more critical now. Since we have a daughter named Amy, I…… Continue reading Amy Means Beloved | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Warning Against Others, Part 16: Who Or What Did Our Lord Warn Against? Part 13

Welcome again to Warning Against Others. Today, we will be doing something different. Considering that our Lord warned against the Pharisees, I’d like to hear with you a Messianic Jewish Perspective on the subject. Are all Pharisees bad? Are some good and some bad? Now, here is your assignment for this project. If you find… Continue reading Warning Against Others, Part 16: Who Or What Did Our Lord Warn Against? Part 13

Wondering Wednesday: Islam

Today, I’d like to discuss the differences between Allah (the god of Islam), and the God of the Bible. This is also for the Christian’s information as well as any Muslim who happens to read this blog. The article is only pointed toward informing Messianic Believers in Christ and Christians across the world who read… Continue reading Wondering Wednesday: Islam

Testimony Tuesday: Jonathan Bernis

Welcome to Testimony Tuesday. Today’s Testimony is brought to you by One For Israel Ministry. The Gospel Is Jewish He testifies of what his family taught him and tells of how he was always taught that Christians hate the Jews and so forth. You will hear more about this in the video. He also talks… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Jonathan Bernis

The Month Of Elul: A Time To Turn – ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

Elul is a special month of preparation and repentance before the Jewish Holidays in the Fall. It’s time to turn our backs on sin and turn towards God again. — Read on

Prayerful Thursday: Israel

Hello! Welcome to Prayerful Thursday. Today, I’d like to focus on God’s people, Israel. I had originally planned to pray today for The Chosen, the TV series I have been showing you all, but we’ll get to that next week. This week, we will be discussing some recent breaking news. This has to do with… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Israel

Wondering Wednesday: Introduction

Welcome to Wondering Wednesday. Have you ever wondered, “What is truth?” This blog as a whole has to do with this topic, but I’ve set aside this day to expose the truth out of a loving heart pertaining to Salvation. Are you ready? All right then! Let’s begin. Today’s blog is an introduction. This has… Continue reading Wondering Wednesday: Introduction

Your Invitation to Pray Yeshua-Jesus’s Daily Prayer | Rabbi Jason Sobel

Yeshua’s daily prayer: first prayer Jewish children learn & the last words on their lips before they die. “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one” — Read on

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