Warning Against Others, Part 27: The Book of Acts, Part 1

Welcome to Warning Against Others. As we have established, we will be looking beginning today at the book of Acts. We will begin on Chapter 4: “The teaching and preaching of Peter and John angered the priests, the captain of the temple police, and representatives of the Jewish sect of the Sadducees. They were furious… Continue reading Warning Against Others, Part 27: The Book of Acts, Part 1

The Month Of Elul: A Time To Turn – ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

Elul is a special month of preparation and repentance before the Jewish Holidays in the Fall. It’s time to turn our backs on sin and turn towards God again. — Read on http://www.oneforisrael.org/bible-based-teaching-from-israel/the-month-of-elul-a-time-to-turn/

Sermon Sunday: When Anxiety Attacks

Welcome to Sermon Sunday. I’m currently writing this on a Wednesday, but I’d like to share with you some notes from a sermon I am listening to as I type. I will post the link below because I want you to prayerfully watch this sermon and take notes for yourself so you can prayerfully study… Continue reading Sermon Sunday: When Anxiety Attacks

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