Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

How many of you have read my New Age Deceptions blogs or know what the Bible says concerning the practices of the Occult. If you haven’t already done your resnch, please click on this link and read my previous blogs. This way, you will understand from the Lord’s perspective why I am writing this blog… Continue reading Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

I want to talk today about a very controversial topic that has been debated for centuries, or so I think: Should we as Christians celebrate Halloween or not? The above video is my thoughts in summary concerning the subject: I do believe that we can go to Horror night events and preach the gospel and… Continue reading Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Explaining The Grace of God

I recorded the message again today from last night that we heard at Church, but my iClwhd storage was full and was unable to record the full video. My friend who to protect his identity online goes by the name Michael has also recorded the sermon. I wanted to come on here and give you… Continue reading Explaining The Grace of God

My Thoughts: Pornography and Marriage, Part 1

I am listening to a podcast called Thirty Minutes with the Perry’s and I want to comment on the parts that bless me as I listen to these podcasts so we can have conversations in the comments below and pray for each other. The first thing I want to talk about is where they talk… Continue reading My Thoughts: Pornography and Marriage, Part 1

Pray for the Missing Children

A mature man in outdoors with open book

If you have seeen the show called Heartland, you see later on in the show where a Bipolar mother tries to take her son, Luke, away from his foster parents’ home “on a trip.” She gets away with it continually and then when the foster parents are Ty and Amy (of course this time he’s… Continue reading Pray for the Missing Children

Urgent: Pro-Abortion Website Profits Off Of Young Women’s Abortions

I am now doing a prayer blog like I used to do because this is urgent. Abby Johnson tells of an undercover investigation she did concerning a website she saw advertized on Facebook that could help women get medication abortions. She posed as an 18-year-old woman who needed an abortion. I won’t get into all… Continue reading Urgent: Pro-Abortion Website Profits Off Of Young Women’s Abortions

The Spirit of Gossip

I want to discuss today the subject of Gossip. Gossip, slander, and meddling go hand-in-hand. There is a spirit behind this act but also people can be in the flesh. Either way, the enemy is behind it. I want to give you some thoughts about this topic, because this has also been on my heart:… Continue reading The Spirit of Gossip

Prayer Campaign for Bill Nye

I want today to give you some background and a clarion call concerning a burden from the Lord: On May 31, 2019, I was reading a book (at least this is the day that I wrote a mobilization post on Facebook which I reposted here on my blog for those that don’t have Facebook) called… Continue reading Prayer Campaign for Bill Nye

The Word of Faith Doctrine Confirmed by Science? Edited

Note: I forgot to say this when it was written, but I realize that there are people who profane the reputation of God and say that people are not healed because of their lack of faith. the “Word of Faith doctrine” that I’m talking about in this blog is of such teachers as Andrew Wommack… Continue reading The Word of Faith Doctrine Confirmed by Science? Edited

Should We Guilt Christians Into Accepting Biden’s Presidency?

Note: The following is a duplication of what I posted yesterday, because of the fact that when you share it, it shows that it was at one time in the trash section of the blog. The following blog is a response to a blog that Mario Murillo reposts. I want to be up front that… Continue reading Should We Guilt Christians Into Accepting Biden’s Presidency?