The Chosen TV Series Update

I want to give you an update here in a minute about Season 2 of The Chosen. Right now, Dallas Jenkins is locking episode 4, which he explains in this video, which can be found here. Please pray for The Chosen Team as they film, edit and distribute all of the rest of the seasons.… Continue reading The Chosen TV Series Update

Prayer For Unity

I want to share with you a podcast I just got through creating, where I pray with the listeners for unity in the Church. However, first, I will link to the referenced podcast and prophecy. I read in the podcast a prophecy from Mark Taylor 3-3-17 — Spiritual Treason. I also mention (and I forgot… Continue reading Prayer For Unity

The Story Of A Woman Who Survived An Abortion That Killed Her Twin

The following blog is a showing of Politely Rude With Abby Johnson, where Claire Culwell shares the incredible story of the abortion that killed her twin which she survived from. Also, we get to learn of the journey which Abby and Claire took together (which started shortly after Abby got out of the abortion industry).… Continue reading The Story Of A Woman Who Survived An Abortion That Killed Her Twin

Obtaining The Power Of God

The article which I will be commenting on can be found here. The Word of God says in Isaiah 55:11 that His Word does not return to Him void but it establishes that which He intended when He sent it forth. I believe that the Church is not having its power because the Word of… Continue reading Obtaining The Power Of God

A Sober Warning

The following blog, like that of Saturday, is a response/commentary on another article from Decision Magazine. This time, it is by Tony Perkins, who as you see in the link above, is currently the president of Family Research Council (FRC), is a minister, was a Representative in Louisiana’s Legislature, and a myriad of other things.… Continue reading A Sober Warning

My Thoughts On Masks

The following blog is where I stand on the mask issue. There are people who believe that Masks are safer and there are people who believe that they are putting that stuff out to try and control the people. I am going to give us both sides of the spectrum and where I stand. Here… Continue reading My Thoughts On Masks

Warning Against Others, Part 19: Who Or What Did Our Lord Warn Against? Part 16

Welcome to Warning Against Others. Today, I’d like to show you some more Scriptures that show Jesus warning against something. Of course, as you’ve already seen, this warning is not always a blatant, “Watch out for these people,” type of warning, but one done through His actions. God bless! I’ll let the Scriptures speak for… Continue reading Warning Against Others, Part 19: Who Or What Did Our Lord Warn Against? Part 16

Broken Cisterns or Springs of Living Water?

Those who are following the uncharted way in this season are going to begin to step into greater and greater levels of the River of God. God is going to surprise you with His refreshing, reviving, revitalizing Presence. By faith, many have followed Him through the narrow place of this tumultuous time. You have not… Continue reading Broken Cisterns or Springs of Living Water?

Does God Want Pastors to Stay Silent About Politics? — Charisma Leader

That might be the easy and safe path, but …   — Read on

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