Prayerful Thursday: Joel Osteen

Hello everyone! Last week, we discussed Black Lives Matter and their heart as to why they want to defund the Polic. I gave the backstory as to what sparked the discussion. Now, I want to pray this week for the man of the controversy, namely, Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church. Before I awoke on… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Joel Osteen

Prayerful Thursday: The Blacks And Police

Welcome to Prayerful Thursday. Today, I’d like to pray about quite a bit of things. On August 17, 2020, me and my Grandpa were having a discussion about different things and we got into the topic of Black Lives Matter. It was about a dream I had the night before about Joel Osteen of Lakewood… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: The Blacks And Police

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