Daughter of Destiny Chapter 1 Reading

I did the room on Clubhouse that I told you about earlier, but in reading Chapter 1, the audio went in and out. I watched the replay and found out that one of the people said, “Can you hear me,” and I could hear noise in the background where I was at but I couldn’t… Continue reading Daughter of Destiny Chapter 1 Reading

My First Room on Clubhouse

I will be reading the book called Daughter of Destiny by Kathryn Kuhlman today on the new social network Ckubhouse and we will be discussing the mistakes and successes of Kathryn’s ministry and life and how we can better live our Christian lives and/or conduct our ministries. Here is the link to the room: https://www.clubhouse.com/join/back-to-the-early-church/zQOZ2A98/M1e465OQ?utm_medium=ch_invite&utm_campaign=hNxbA3TJl3IW-yWL9jRK5Q-130236… Continue reading My First Room on Clubhouse

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