Feedback For The Kingdom Advancement Podcast And This Blog

Will you take just a few minutes or so and take this survey I created? Since I started creating a podcast, I made questions for both feedback for here and the Kingdom Advancement Podcast, so if you know anyone who doesn’t read this blog but listens to the podcast, please share this with them. Please… Continue reading Feedback For The Kingdom Advancement Podcast And This Blog


The following blog speaks to another important issue in the world that requires that the Church must address. A friend on Facebook posted this article from CNN, which reports that more women in Japan die from suicide than from COVID-19. Also, a lot of Pastors commit suicide. Here is an article about this topic which… Continue reading Suicide


I am sorry to inform you that the last survey was not what I wanted. I had not realized that I only had 2 questions on it, one being the political affiliation and the other was religious. Today, I created yet another survey. Sorry about all of the surveys. God bless and here it is!


I want to share with you another survey I’ve created. I ask that as many as possible answer the questions on the survey which can be found here. My mission is to not just tell you that what I’m doing is for you, but you know how the old saying goes: Actions speak louder than… Continue reading Feedback


Hello everyone! I’d like to hear from you and get some feedback concerning this blog. So, I’ve put together a survey for you so that you can answer some questions that will help me have a pretty good idea where to go concerning how to do these blogs in the future. In the future, I… Continue reading Feedback

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