I Am A Christian

This poem came from a Facebook post from a friend of mine and I thought it was amazing. There was no title on it, so this is why I entitled it, “I am a Christian,” and also because that was the main theme within the poem. God bless and I hope that this blesses your heart! ​

A New Group

This is sorta like what you’d call an “ad,” but no worries. It is totally free. I have created two groups–one on Facebook and one on MeWe where we who join will make it our mission to pray for Abby Johnson and her ministry. If you would like to join, here are the links: MeWe:… Continue reading A New Group

Social Media Announcement

Hello everyone! I would like to tell you of the old and new Social Media Networks I have joined. As you may know, I am a part of Facebook, which you can join by app here for Apple, or here for Android. I’m on Twitter, which you can join by app here for Apple, or… Continue reading Social Media Announcement

Copy And Paste

The following blog has to do with things on Social Media where people are told to copy and paste something to their wall on, more prominently, Facebook. Here’s an example: his I know about addiction far too well for it has impacted my life and that of my family and friends. My biggest pet peeve… Continue reading Copy And Paste

Social Media Giants ‘Politicize’ Medical News, Block Posts About Effective Treatment for COVID-19 — Charisma News

A Houston pediatrician and emergency room physician says 30 days of hydroxychloroquine treatment will “stop COVID in its tracks.” — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/us/82056-social-media-giants-politicize-medical-news-block-posts-about-effective-treatment-for-covid-19

A New Social Media Site To Try

Hey folks! I have some exciting news. I am now a member of Parler. This is a site for Conservatives to be able to speak freely. It is unbiased, so no one gets censored regardless of your beliefs. I only signed up Yesterday, but would like to invite you. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t… Continue reading A New Social Media Site To Try

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