The Move Of The Spirit

I want to talk today to you about an admonition from the Lord concerning this year. It talks about having boldness, not wavering and being by the leading of the Spirit of God within you.

Let’s turn now to Romans 8:14, TPT which says, “The mature children of God are those who are moved by the impulses of the Holy Spirit.” So many Christians settle for a little bit of the supernatural or a medium amount or none–whatever the amount may be. I want to tell you something:

Your words are so powerful that they will kill or give life, and the talkative person will reap the consequences.” (Progherbs 18:21, TPT).

What are you saying about yourself? Perhaps it is, “I’m not prophetic,” or “I don’t see (the seer gift/anointing).” Whatever it is, stop saying that. Perhaps the reason you aren’t getting what you asked for before the Lord is because of your words.

As Christians, we are to not settle for the mediocure. Concerning “not wavering,” here is another perspective from Abby Johnson. I personally believe that this is a prophetic dream that she had considering now the above article.

The following link discusses separating the wheat from the chaff like never before, in essence echoing the same sentiments that were declared beforehand with Abby Johnson’s video and the prophecy I linked to.

Back to the topic of the supernatural. You may say, “The Apostles were the only ones that could walk in the supernatural,” or “Healing is not for today,” or “Speaking in tongues is of the devil,” or “God no longer speaks through prophets. He only speaks through Jesus, His Son as it says in Hebrews.” With all due respect, I don’t care what you think about these topics. These are not up for debate whether there is evidence from the Word that these things are not to happen. Here’s why.

And he said to them, “As you go into all the world, preach openly the wonderful news of the gospel to the entire human race! Whoever believes the good news and is baptized will be saved, and whoever does not believe the good news will be condemned. And these miracle signs will accompany those who believe: They will drive out demons in the power of my name. They will speak in tongues. They will be supernaturally protected from snakes and from drinking anything poisonous. And they will lay hands on the sick and heal them.” (Mark 16:15-18, TPT, emphasis added).

Do you see my point? Our Lord Himself said that they would follow those who believe, not maybe, not sometimes, but that everyone who believes will be able to access this. Prayerfully consider this before continuing.

Now you understand that I have imparted ALL my authority to trample over his kingdom. You will trample upon every demon before you and overcome every power that Satan posesses. Absolutely nothing will be able to harm you as you walk in this authority (Luke 10:19, TPT, emphasis added).

I have some questions:

  • Why are we still walking in fear (even healthy fear) concerning ANY sickness or disease?
  • Why are we not accessing everything that Jesus said we should be able to?

I say to you this: We are not led by the impulses of the Holy Spirit 24/7, which is a MUST for EY Christian in this nation, much less the world. We are obligated by the Word of God to allow the Spirit of God to mold us into “mature children of God,” by helping us to submit to the restraints of the Spirit, not the Baptists, not the Presbyterians, not the Protestants, not the Catholic Church, not The Lutherans . . . you get the point. I say all of this with all due respect. We have to get back to the “unity of the Spirit” (Ephesians 4:1-6), which can properly be obtained by following the Spirit’s leading and stopping our fleshly following of rules and regulations. Some of you may say, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I hear what you’re saying, but these rules free me. At least I know what not to compromise on.” But I have a question for you: Could it be that some of these rules . . . no matter how freeing they can be to you . . . are made by man? I will not get into debate about the different denominations etc. and I know that this will offend many. However, my request is that you pray about what I’m saying. How much more freeing would it be if you continually and totally followed the Spirit and asked Him what you ought to do and quit thinking, “I am going to do this because it is right before God, and I cannot do this because it’s sin,” because there are some things that we’ll do that God asks us to do that aren’t wrong, but He’s testing us to see if we’ll obey. I want to tell you a story:

There was a speaker in town one day at our Church. There was a lady there that the Lord had paid special attention to and I had a bad headache. She was setting in the front and I with all my being wanted to set in the back because of my bad headache. However, I neglected my “bad headache,” in obedience to the Lord and by the end of the service, this lady was speaking in tongues. The Lord told me to ask her during the service, “Have you ever received the gift of speaking in tongues?” “No,” she replied. I said, “Are you ready?” “Yes,” she said. I went and got the pastors and elders of our Church and we and the guest speaker prayed together that she’d receive this gift. Some people more seasoned than I lead her in this prayer and I agreeed with what they were saying, and she, though quietly, spoke in other tongues.

The back, where I wanted to sit, was where my Grandma was at. It was not a sinful act if I had sat with Grandma. However, had I sat with her instead of that lady, that lady would have missed out greatly on that gift at the very worst, or at the very least, someone else probably would have been asked by the Lord to do the act.

This is just one experience in my life, but it is one that has been etched in my heart and will stay there for all eternity. Like I said, it was not that it was sinful to sit with Grandma. However, the Lord was testing me to see if I was going to obey His command. I believe that this is what He did with Abraham when He asked Abraham to safrifice Isaac on the altar. Of course, later the Lord would go on to tell the children of Israel that child sacrifice was not to be committed in the land of Israel through the Levitical law, but the point is that God was testing Abraham and also setting out a prophetic parallel as to Jesus’ crucifixion. God doesn’t expect us to do all of this on our own, especially when it comes to salvation (Ephesians 2:9-10). Also, the Church in its early form began in the Spirit (Acts 2, Galatians 3:1-3). Some of you may be saying, “But wait! I’m surrendered fully to God!” Great! But look closely at how many of those rules your church teaches you must follow and ask yourself: Is it bringing the glory of God down in my life? If so, is it bringing the amount that the Lord wants? Actually, don’t ask yourself these questions but ponder them before the Lord.

I hold my peace. I now ask you that you prayerfully consider this blog and all of its contents. We cannot afford to get this wrong, as we always say in the elections. If we are to be a part of the Move of God’s Spirit, we have to get this right–with the Holy Spirit’s help of course! God bless!

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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