Follow The Wind Beneath Your Wings

All of us have some leader that we look up to that closely resembles Christ. Or perhaps, it is many. But, who is the “wind beneath our wings?” Or at least, “Who should be our wind beneath our wings?” So often, we let people’s sayings inspire us !live better–or maybe for you it is a… Continue reading Follow The Wind Beneath Your Wings

Being Still Before God

The series of blogs I just got through doing on The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, as you saw, were about the book by Abby Johnson called Unplanned, the expanded edition. There were some times in this book that she discusses some nuggets from her mentors or some things she’d learned in life concerning… Continue reading Being Still Before God

Trusting In The Lord

The above image is a recent Sprinkles of Hope PDF file which I converted to an image for those that read my blogs (sorry for those that can’t read them via voice-over. This is the only way I’ve found that this works on my blog. Have someone read this to you so that you will… Continue reading Trusting In The Lord

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