The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 47: Prayer Concerning An Oklahoma Bill And Cultural Transformation Concerning Abortion

I will not be posting all of the sources mentioned in this podcast, as, this is a prayer meeting. If you have a prayer language, utilize it. If you are an abortion worker, click on the Work at PP? link or on this page. Now, here is the podcast. God bless!

Prayer For Abby Johnson And Those Associated With Her

The following podcast, which is 2 hours and 15 minutes, compiles worship to enter us into the presence of the Lord and also prays for Abby Johnson, her ministries and those associated with her. Please sit back and as the theme song of the podcast plays (if you have Spotify Premium you can listen to… Continue reading Prayer For Abby Johnson And Those Associated With Her

Prayer For Planned Parenthood Campaign

I want to welcome you to this blog. This is unlike any that I’ve ever done. It is a campaign for prayer. As you see, I have posted the links to both And Then There Were None and 40 Days For Life Campaign’s websites. This is because I am merging them in a way. Here’s… Continue reading Prayer For Planned Parenthood Campaign

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