Testimony Tuesday: My Health Journey

Welcome to Testimony Tuesday. Today, I’d like to tell my testimony. I once was 270 lb but now am 189. I am not here to brag about my weight loss or health accomplishments but rather to tell you of how I got there. Borderline Diabetic One day, I went to my Pediatric Indocrinologist, Dr. George.… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: My Health Journey

What Does It Mean When The Gallbladder’s Wall Is Thick?

What I attempt to do today is help myself and any other person who has heard from their doctor that their Gallbladder’s wall is thick. I got some bloodwork done, and they discovered that my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. So we did an ultrasound on my liver and some other organs. This was what… Continue reading What Does It Mean When The Gallbladder’s Wall Is Thick?

Tests and Trials

Introduction Helloo again, my friend! Today, I would like to speak to you about what the Lord has been honing in on pertaining to my life. Perhaps, as the Lord speaks to me, my experience can help you. Today’s topic is about complaining. I was going to do this in the form of a video,… Continue reading Tests and Trials