New Age Deception, Part 21

Welcome to New Age Deception. Today, we will be discussing about Ghosts. So many times, we will hear stories where a house is haunted. To introduce you, I will be playing one of these shows where an exorcism of a “ghostea”went wrong. 1. Introduction: We all know what Ghosts supposedly are, but is there anyContinue reading “New Age Deception, Part 21”

Joyce Meyer Bible Studies

Today, I am catching up on my emails and at the time of my writing this blog, I am catching up on Joyce Meyer Bible Study emails I’ve received. So, I want to share the articles with you that are of most interest to me and that I highly recommend. This blog will be moreContinue reading “Joyce Meyer Bible Studies”

Preparing Your Heart to Live the Abundant Life Jesus Promised — Charisma Leader

When you do, you’ll wonder, “What happened to me?” — Read on

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