Study Bible To Check Out

Do you read books? Do you read the Bible with comentaries? Wel, y’vecome to the right place. This book by Jimmy Swaggart, coupled with 2 other study Bibles has helped me richly in my studies. May it do the same with you as well. This will not be your ordinary blog. Instead of advertizing my own merchandise or books (again because it is to grow the legacy and ministry of Jesus Christ), I will be recommending other people’s products. God bless!

Are You Called Into Ministry?

Folks, this is for you if you are researching on the web and can’t figure out where to go to cultivate your call into ministry. These people whose channel I’m sharing with you are Assemblies Of God Churches. Therefore, if you don’t consider yourself a part of a denomination, I’d encourage only that you watch the videos and not enroll (unless the Lord tells you otherwise) so that you can stay true to your beliefs. When I looked through these videos, I took notes on what was on this channel but then left the rest to the Spirit! May this help you as much as it has me. God bless!


Welcome! This is my first time doing this blog. I decided to do this so that if something ever happened that I couldn’t reach people on Facebook, people who use email could still reach me through this blog. However, this is only about what I feel like the Father has called me to do. This is not about me, or “my ministry,” or “my reputation.” This is about displaying Jesus Christ to the world. This is about contributing to the Body of Christ and helping others with their walk with the Lord. I will be posting articles from other sites, as well as embedding the YouTube videos I put on the channel I started called God’s Channel and putting other preachings on the site that may be of good use to my readers/viewers. May this site richly bless you!

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