Spiritual Warfare Bootcamp | enliven media

I usually don’t buy things online (except if from iBooks due to being able to just get an iTunes card), but I wanted to advertize this on here. I’ve read John’s book called Unmasking The Devil and listened to teachings and interviews with him, and all were good. Chances are, there may be things that… Continue reading Spiritual Warfare Bootcamp | enliven media

Why God Is Not Letting You Move On From Someone in Your Past: Part 2

This is the same as was in the video, but for those that like to read, here you go. Sorry if you’ve already watched the video. Here are 4 possible reasons God is not allowing you to move on from someone in your past. — Read on applygodsword.com/4-reasons-god-is-not-letting-you-move-on-from-someone-in-your-past/

God May Be Telling You Something If You Can’t Get Over Someone In Your Past: Part 1

This post is part one because there will be an article from the same website by the same name. I encourage you to take notes even if you have yet to be in a relationship so that you will be prepared when or if you get wounded and what to do. God bless! http://www.youtube.com/watch

Are You Ready

The following blog is from a post on Facebook that a friend of mine posted. Warning: This will bring conviction from on high to see where you are at with God, but I know that this is a must read for every believer who is making themselves ready for the wedding feast. Are you ready?… Continue reading Are You Ready

You Are Valuable In God’s Eyes

Here is a post from a person named Larry Dean from one of my groups I’m a part of on Facebook. Well said and much needed: Who Would Like This $20 Bill? A well known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 bill. In the room of 200 people, he asked, “Who… Continue reading You Are Valuable In God’s Eyes

Abortion and Its Strongman

This blog is brought to you by a post from another friend of mine on Facebook. It’s a must-read: The strongman behind abortion is racism. We cannot fight against abortion while turning a blind eye to injustice. If I am a voice against abortion, I must also be a voice against the demon behind it.… Continue reading Abortion and Its Strongman

What are You Co-Creating

This blog is brought to you by a friend that I have on Facebook. It is a much needed word during this time: One of my favorite things about this quarantine are all the things I’m getting to build together with Jesus, and others 🌸 He told me if we, ( the body of Christ)… Continue reading What are You Co-Creating

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