George Soros

Today, there is so much controversy floating around about this one man: George Soros. Some articles call Christians who are Democrats (to me in a generalizing kind of way) George Soros Christians. Today, I want to study with you some resources that can help us understand who this man is. We will hear from both… Continue reading George Soros

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence

Hello everyone. Just last Sunday, I posted a biography blog about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Today, I will post a biography of the current President, Donald J. Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence. I ask that you keep an open mind and read this blog as you did the last just as prayerfully as… Continue reading President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

This week, I will be posting a Prayerful Thursday about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. So today, I am going to be posting on here both of their biographies. Let’s first begin with Biden: Joe Biden – Age, Presidential Campaign & Family – Biography Please read this biography, along with the one I’ll be posting… Continue reading Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

John Alexander Dowie

Folks, today, I’d like to present the forerunner’s ministry who started publicizing the theology of Divine Healing. His name is John Alexander Dowie. He was a very flawed messenger, which aren’t we all. Pertaining to my thoughts on the subject, I will not disclose them, but will let the Spirit teach you. God bless!… Continue reading John Alexander Dowie

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