Should We Guilt Christians Into Accepting Biden’s Presidency?

The following blog is a response to a blog that Mario Murillo reposts. I want to be up front that I am not out to offend anyone. However, as a minister of the gospel, I will be unappologetic with what I’m about to say (for more on my calling as a watchman, see A Study Of Isaiah, Part 1: The Fear Of God).

He says, “Preachers stood in their pulpits and insulted, rebuked, and rejected Donald Trump while he was President. Now they insist that you are not a good Christian unless you accept Joe Biden.” I agree that we shouldn’t “accept” Joe Biden as President as a whole. On the Jericho March prayer rally last year before Biden became President (not to judge or throw anyone under the bus, especially since she’s changed her tone, which I believe is as a result of prayers), Abby Johnson had a relellious tone like, “Not my President,” like that of the Democrats who said the same thing in Trump’s presidency. One thing I do agree with that she said is (and I will too) that she would fight against his pro-abortion policies. But fighting against policies of a President doesn’t mean you should disrespect the office of that President. Again, I am not saying these things to throw Abby under the bus, especially since she has changed, but because this is a concrete example of a rebellious spirit in someone.

With that being said, let’s continue his discourse. He said, “Even if they do not know it, they are siding with Facebook and YouTube—who calling for censorship and criminal charges against Christians who question the validity of Biden’s election.” I can say that there are even some Conservative prophets who spoke and said that Trump would be the next President and then say essentially, “I agree with the Media. Biden won legitimately. There was no election fraud.” Regardless of if you support a President or not (I’m speaking generally), you are obligated to research and find out if they really are being fraudulent if this accusation is being raised. I’m not saying that everyone just disregards these allegations, but I am saying that some, both Democrats and Republicans, do. It is unacceptable how even Prophets do this act. If you are a preacher or prophet of the Lord (especially a Prophet in my humble oppinion), you are obligated to sift through the mess of the media (even if you went to the same school as the Journalists in these mainstream outlets). I want you to prayerfully read Why Watch Faith-Based News as your assignment concerning this and seek the Lord if not for you, for your flock. You can respect people without believing everything that they say. It is the same thing as a President. I can honor the President’s office without just submitting totally to every executive order and law his administration puts forward. I do not support Biden’s policies, but this even applies to every single President that one supports, regardless of if it was Biden or Trump.

He says, “These preachers were wrong before, and they are wrong now.” I tell you: If there are preachers that are calling for the persecution of their own brothers and sisters in Christ who disregard the lies of the media and believe that fraud takes place, they are the normal ones, and the ones that are calling for persecution are the weird and dumb ones because they disregard the facts. I even included some prophets that I dearly respect and who aren’t calling for these things to happen but believe the media anyway. I respect your right to have an oppinion, but as Andrew Wommack would say, “If I were to go down into the mire with you, we’d both be wrong.” I of course paraphrased what he said.

He says, “Still other high evangelical leaders are much more gentle in their advice that we at least commend Joe if he does something right. The issue with that is that it denies the reality of what is really going on: a puppet and a rogue government.” How about we pray for people we disagree with instead of rebelling against the office of someone we disagree with and saying, “Not my President.”

He continues, “No one should be guilting Christians into accepting Joe Biden. And yes, there are Biblical reasons for rejecting him.” Yes, there are. Mario has mentioned Romans 13 in the past, so let me clear this up. I want you, regardless of your positions, to watch or listen to Andrew Wommack’s messages on The Fear Of The Lord. You can find them on YouTube, The Listen 2 Andrew app on your respective apps stores or on the Audio Archives page of You hnoor the office but not the policies. You don’t “submit” by following every executive order and every law passed in a President’s administration whose policies are unbiblical. It is like your parents:

If you have abusive parents, you honor the office of the parents. I have a dysfunctional family who didn’t really raise us in the admonition of the Lord. It was more religious litergy and other things that are too personal to write. However, I forgave, loved and respected them. Psalms 37 says that Father God will take us up if our Dad forsakes us. Well, in a roundabout way, it is the same way. If your boss were to tell you to forge a document or steal something—something that was not biblical and against your conscience, what would you do. You would say, “Sir, I respect you as my boss, but I cannot do that which you ask me to do.” That is how you “respect someone’s office.”

He continues, “But before I show you what the Bible instructs us to do in this situation, we need to address the biggest lie. The biggest lie says we need to accept the election and accept and settle the issue of Biden’s presidency, once and for all, so that we can get back to normal and the nation can heal. Let me ask you. How can we get back to normal while Biden is plunging the nation into chaos and glorifying things God hates? And how can we heal when, every day, Biden tears the nation apart with insulting rhetoric and inflammatory actions aimed at the Church?”

I want to expound on this part. Just like evil happened in spite of Trump’s presidency (and some may question that), so good can happen in spite of Biden’s. I want to give you an illustration that hits home:

I had Gallstones. Throughout this time, I would be in excruciating pain—not always, but sometimes. I’d have some pains I could tollerate and some that I couldn’t. It was SOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! Did I say, “Oh! How can I go on with this pain? Poor pitiful me. Why did God do this to me? Why could this happen?” Sure, there were times that I would not go on with my life but I broke from this habit. I discovered that throughout this time, good things happened. I got closer to my Father and I can now sympathize with people that go through the same thing.

This is a crazy analogy. I know. But it is essentially the same thing. Read the book of Daniel. Let’s say you are right and Rome was not evil toward the Church and the Sanhedrin was. Let’s say that this is cause to “rebel” against the President. I want you to stop for a minute and listen to The Origin Of Christianity ” When Rome ruled. You will learn that Rome indeed was tollerant of other religions AS LONG as that religion gn’t become a threat to the religion of Polytheist Rome. It is true that they allowed Christians to use the very systems of Rome. Everything that the document on taxation at says is true. However, in later times, they were hostile. I will not disclose any more of this but I will leave the rest for you to listen to. This documentary is from people not of our faith, but just get the information out of it as best as you can. Now, listen to the lecture called Early Christian Persecution. This way, we get it from a Christian’s point of view but also may be able to get an unbiased point of view between the two. In both of these, I want you to take note of all the ungodly actions of the leaders of Rome. Still on your beliefs, let’s forget the New Testament for a moment (not literally, but figuratively), and look at the Book of Daniel. There are 2 examples we find there: King Nebuchadnezzar throws Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace and King Darius, being dooped by the other rulers, throws Daniel into the Lions’ den. Daniel was not rebelling against Nebchadnezzar! Sure, he wasn’t obedient totally to Nebuchadnezzar, but he respected and honored the king’s office. I think he even said, “O king, live forever,” a few times. In the New Living Translation, he calls him, “Your Majesty.” He calls him by his name. Had he been in a rebellious spirit like “Not my King,” God would not have used him.

I don’t think those evangilicals who were “more gentle in their advice” were saying that we should totally obey everything that Biden says. I call it “respectful disobedience.” If you were to be told by your boss to cheat and lie on something, you’d say, “I am sorry, sir, but I cannot do that for you. I respect you as a boss, but my conscience forbids me to do this that you are telling me to do.”

What I do is as you may have seen in my podcasts, I pray for the leaders in this nation and I respectfully disobey this administration. I don’t fight against Biden as a person but against the demons he allowed into his life and this administration through submitting to the “rogue government.”

Let’s continue. He says, “God and His Word tells us what to do about Biden. Luke 13:31-32, “At that very hour some Pharisees came up and said to Him, ×Go away have here, for Herod is determined to kill you.'” And He said to them, ×G and tell that fox (sly and crafty, slulking and cowardly), Behold, I drive out demons and perform healings today and tomorrow, and on the third day I finish My cource.'””

Herod had crossed a line that made it appropiate to label him a fox—a label that we will expand on later. But Jesus is loving. Why is He disrespcting the office of King by calling him names? And more importantly, why is He refusing to obey the King?” Jesus criticized the priests at his trial and called them names and He says, “Why do you criticize Me for speaking the truth?” essentially. Yet, Paul said later, “I did not know that he was the High Priest,” and then goes on to quote an Old Testament passage talking about not criticizing your leaders. Why was Paul not “following Jesus’ example,” even though He did the same thing as Paul? Well, do you read anything of the Lord rebuking Paul for not doing the same as He? Answer that! I’m not mad at anyone—not even Mario for writing this, but I’m mad at the Devil. I’m mad that he’s deceiving people slyfully. He is a fox. Of course, people that do evil are of their father, the devil. However, God can and will change them if they will accept the help of the Spirit.

“Albert Barnes said in his commentary, ×Tell that foxx—a fox is an emblem of slyness, of cunning, and of artful mischief. The word is also used to denote a dissembler. Herod was a wicked man, but the “particular thing” to which Jesus here alludes, is not his vices,” but his cunning, his avarice,” in his endeavoring to remove (Jesus) out of his territory. Herod had endeavored to do it by strategem — by sending these (Pharisees) who pretended great friendship for his life“” Behold, I caste out devils”—(Jesus is saying), Announce to him the fact that I am working miracles in his territory, and that I shall continue to do it. I am not afraid of his art or his enmity. I am engaged in My appropiate work, and shall continue to be, as ler as is proper, in spite of his arts and his threats.∘”

The American Church must confront all the Leftist leaders: Biden, Harris, Newsom, Whitmer, and Cuomo, et also., the same way that Jesus confronted Herod. The American Church must say, ×Y will not close our doors or stop the miracles of God that flow from our ministries.” Did you know that the majority of people today go to the inernet more? Does this mean we shall forsake meeting together? ′Hebrews 10:25). No. However, if it came to us locking down from persecution, we must scatter to other places, not necessarily to other countries, but, say, to the internet where it will host us. For example, I have a blog.

I missed Church when I had to be locked down. Perhaps, like you saw in those documentaries, we may need to resort in some time or another to doing Home Churches. I believe both people’s oppinions. (1). I believe that we should assemble together and that we shouldn’t just submit to lockdowns if unreasonable. (2). However, I also believe that there will come a time when we may go underground. We need to start praying now about starting home Churches and how to do this so we’d be prepared for if and when this happens. The Apostles didn’t just sit back and expect everything to go just fine and for them to have “freedom” in this world! We are sojourners in this world (1 Peter 2:11-12) and we are citizens of a city whose builder and maker is God (Hebrews 11:10). We of course must partake in being a part of the discipling of the nations (Matthew 28:18-20), but we must not be selfish or self-centered (Proverbs 13:10; see Self-Centeredness: The Source of All Grief Playlist). We are to follow Jesus Christ wherever He goes (Revelation 14:4; romans 8:14) and be sons and daughters of God who opperate in the supernatural (Romans 8:19; John 14:12). The Appostles may have engaged with the authorities, but their main mission was NOT politics. It was to preach Christ and Him crucified—to preach the Gospel to all nations (Mark 16:15-20; Matthew 28:18-20; 1 Corinthians 2:2). Today though, I understand that people are untaught when it comes to a biblical worldview. however, this doesn’t mean that you should spend every day all day doing this. A good example (I know I mention him a lot but you’ll see what I’m trying to say in a second) is Andrew Wommack and those on The Victory Channel hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Some never preach on the political aspect of the biblical worldview.

Pastors in the first great awakening were heavily in it. If you are called to this, great! Just make sure it is the Spirit of the living God calling you. Make sure you tie it in with the Gospel message.

Mario continues, “Every American Christian must see that Biden is a puppet for a sinister cabal. He is the ailing mouthpiece of a dark and destructive agenda; an agenda that no Christian can support.” Let me say this very clearly: This is not the first “rogue government in the history of the world. I have a question: What are the Christians doing in China right now? Are they screaming about their freedoms or are they like the Early Church and going under ground and doing Church there?

Mario goes on to cite some examples of why Biden is a Herod. He goes on to mention how we must look at Biden as a “rogue President,” and God as our leader at this moment. He says that we need to continue to do the work of God regardless. I say to all of this, “Yes.” However, I say that we can respectfully disobey without disrespecting the office of the President. I want to talk with you though in ending about one of the examples he cited: Americans being locked down in the name of health while illegal immigrants were being alLowed in who could be sick. According to a report from Today, President Biden told immigrants “Don’t Come,” even though he opened the border. They say he isn’t allowing the immigrants to come into the U.S. due to COVID-19 but yet we see a halt of the construction of the border wall. Even this report admits this halt. I can’t say, “The doors are open,” and then say, “but don’t come in just yet.” If they did or didn’t, I cannot say. I can say is that when you say, “The doors are open,” they will come. I can say that he may be letting then in and they just may not be sick. That could be a possibility. The rest is speculation unless you are someone who is at the border day in and day out. Here is the link to the original blog:

God bless!

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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