The Word of Faith Doctrine Confirmed by Science?

I understand that some people abuse or missteach the Word of Faith movement’s doctrine, but it was originated by the Lord, so you need to stop using your natural brain to understand God’s Word (see We Are In Revival, Part 12: The First Wave, Part 12: Losing Religion). The purpose of my writing this blog is because of something that I heard Andrew Wommack say on his teaching called A Better Way To Pray, whose audio and resources can be found at and whose audio can be found on the Listen 2 Andrew app for Apple and Android devices.

The first thing we will be discussing is what Endorphins are, which can be found here. Our next video which I will be discussing with you is Opioid Pain Meds.

The first drug that came out as an Opioid was Mophin. The pain reliever andthe receptors in your body lock together. There are three (he gets into the names in the video below). In about thirty to fifty minutes after you take the opioid, you will not necessarily get rid of the pain, but you just don’t care about it. These opioids if you get addicted to them then lead to street drugs. Here is the problem comes:

When it comes to knee replacements, for example, it takes a 4 to five week regiment of Opioids that a po-surgery patient would take as of the publication of this video. Nowadays, you will only get about 3 to 5 days worth of drugs for recovery. There is one main receptor called the Moo receptor which this pain killer hits. Ninety-seven percent of people that take Opioids don’t get addicted, but if you have a family history of addiction or have an addict’s personality you may be more susseptible to addiction.

Even when you take the medication as the Doctor perscribes, you are going to be physically addiction, not like the 3 percent but that you will suffer from withdrawals.

It is only regulated by the FDA. Doctors nowadays have to go log into a PDMP website and check the usage of the drug. This is a safety check to make sure the drug is being used appropiately. As long as the patient uses the drug as the Doctor ordered, there shouldn’t be a problem. I forgot to mention but the Moo receptor creates a buzz. When you are in pain, you don’t really notice it.

The longer you take the pain medications and the longer you take them could be factors on if you get addicted to Opioids. One in 12 high school students tried Opioids. You can get them anywhere. Thirty-five percent of people get them from their Doctor but 53 percent get it elsewhere. We started reigning things in at 2012.

When people go to Heroin, it is because the Doctor won’t give them anymore perscrip^tion Opioids so they say, “I need something. I have this void that I need to fill.” You could get a new job, you name it and you may want to escape. After you get the first high, you never really get it again so you are chasing that high.

It happens in a way where you have to be taught how to rewire your brain to think differently. When you know you have a problem, you have to reach a Doctor to get help. It is 30-80 dollars for 1 tablet to be bought on the black market. The dangers of the Opioids rather they be Heroin or perscription Opioids is the death rate (look at the Health Institute for updated statistics).

To get through the withdrawal, you will need help. You cannot do this on your own. The most controversial one is medical-induced commas in a hospital.

Opioids cause brain damage more than anything else. All you want to do is seek that drug. When you finally get treatment, they will help gq behavioral patterns and live healthy.

A lot of people relapse. You can’t look at it like a failure because it is a disease. They then have to redo the process again.

Again: Work with your Doctor when you are taking Opioids for medical reasons. For more information also about what Bob and Brad can offer, click on this link. It is their website, where they have giveaways and other products, plus free p rograms where you can do physical therapy at home. On the desktop version of this site, my Screenreader Jaws read that they will either add or delete videos based on the user’s feedback. Also, the only thing that can fill the void in your heart is Christ. I only intend on defending not necessarily the whole of the Word of Faith movement, but the principle: Speaking the Word of God over yourself concerning the problem you have and believing God for the answer to come. However, I also want to take the time to ask people who either are backsliden or have not received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to do so who are being pulled by the Father through the Spirit. So, here is the way to salvation:

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your household shall be saved (Acts 16:31). And what is God’s “living message”; it is revelation of faith for salvation, which is the message that we preach. For if you publicly declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will experience salvation. The heart that believes in him receives the gift of the righteousness of God—and then the mouth confesses, resulting in salvation ′Romans 10:9-10, TPT). Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans 10:ai; Joel 2:32). It is just simple. Religious people like to say, “Well, you need to go over the Scriptures with them and help them understand repentance etc. etc. but that is Satan complicating things. I will now give you some resources you can use.

  1. Go to this link from Joseph Prince Ministries for another example on how to appropiate the Word for salvation.
  2. Click on Know Jesus – Saturate to become a disciple through their ministry.
  3. I may not always be able to post the services on there due to not being present, but also get acquainted with the Church services at Preach Unto Them Jesus here. These services will only be provided on Sundays and Tuesdays (unlike other Churches who do Sundays and Wednesdays).

An Opioid drug can alter your brain permanently after using it for only one month. This is why the medical community dubbs Opioid Addiction as a Chronic Disease like Diabetes and Hypertension. Opioids have been used by humans for over 3,500 years.

Morphin and Codine are natural opioids from the Opioid plant. A drug is any substance that you put into your body that changes the way you feel or the way your body functions. Drugs that are inhaled or given by a needle are more addictive because they affect the brain almost immediately. Drugs attach themselves to receptors on specific parts ofthe body.

The balances of the chemicals in the brain affects our emotions and behavior. All drugs of abuse initially cause happiness by releasing dopomine. Manufactured drugs such as Oxycodone release unusually high amounts of Dopomine. This causes the brain to create less of the natural dopomine and when you stop taking the drug, you go through withdrawal and have to take the drug. If you give in to this temptation, you will then continually seek the drug to avoid such symptoms as Insonia and Depression. It can be very difficult to distuish between dependence or addiction to Opioids. A quick way to remember the diagnosis is the four cs: control, conpulsion, craving and continued use despite consequences. If you are feeling conpelled to use the drug even when you want to stop, using more than prescribed, craving the drug or continued use of it despite problems, you are addicted. Approximately 40-50 percent of your risk of addiction is inherited. Particles in the part of your brain that regulates how you think and feel can change, even only after you use Opioids for a month. You should make an informed decision before using Opioids to treat pain.

—Notes taken from Oxycodone vs. Endorphin: How Drugs Hijack Your Brain’s Mu Opioid Receptors

I couldn’t find anything about the camels that Andrew Wommack talked about in the teaching mentioned above, but I will now go on to talk about the next part of the fun fact mentioned.

Did you know that your brain is voice-activated? Yeah! You read that right! You know those Ted talks you used to listen to in school that were motivational speeches mainly (at least, every one that I’ve heard was)? Well, they say that if you are speaking negatively all the time or positively all the time (can’t be both), your brain reacts by rewiring to think that way, and here’s more. You can’t necessarily think possitive and attract things into your life, but if you say, “I’m tired! I can’t go on,” long enough, you will pretty soon be so tired because your brain will start sending a signal to your body to prepare to relax and take a nap. To renew your mind (Romans 12:2) is to speak to your brain to believe what the Word says, not just read it. It is speaking, reading, studying, praying and meditating on the Word of God. This is all that I want to present to you today in this blog. Please think about this with the Lord. You are to test the spirits to see if they are of God (1 John 4:1), and remember: Just because it is counterfeited or abused doesn’t mean it isn’t authentic. Don’t call heresy what you haven’t pray concerning! God bless!

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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