Sermon Sunday and The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 9: A Prophetic Word To The American Church

Welcome to today’s Sermon Sunday and The Truth About Abortion And Human Life blog, all in one. I have put these in one blog because:

  • Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj at the end prophesies pertaining to abortion. It’s when they do an altar call.
  • The video is over an hour long and I thought it good to kill two birds with one stone and put this in a Sermon Sunday blog. God bless and remember: Prayerful discretion is advised!

A Prophetic Word To The American Church Notes And Video

Now God through the Angel of the covenant will come to us through judgment. These judgments will come swiftly.

In the same way that God sent two angels to spy out Sodom and Gomorrah to see if the cries coming before the Lord were true and then the judgment came swiftly (see Genesis 19:21-23), so it shall be in the American Church.

Look at Malachi 3:5-7. This is the text we will be discussing during this discourse.

There will come a swift witness–a very speedy witness against sorcerers. False prophets according to the Bible are also known as sorcerers (Deuteronomy 18:10, Jeremiah 27:9, and Acts 13:6).

God is going to judge ALL of the false prophets in the U.S. The time has come.

The Lord has tolerated the false prophets until now. The Sword of the Lord has been put in the center of the land, and it will bleat. It will either cause you to repent, or it will be to you judgment.

The false prophets of America will be judged. They operate under the spirit of divination (Acts 16:16). People under the spirit of divination work exactly like a genuine working of the Spirit of God.

Jesus Christ warned that there will be false prophets that will do signs and wonders (Matthew 24:11, Mark 13:22), and even the book of Revelation says that the ultimate false prophet will do lying signs and wonders (Revelation 13).

All of the current and past false prophets performing signs and wonders are/were preparing the world for the ultimate false prophet. The two events of the two witnesses and the false prophet will take place simultaneously. If today your heart is not absolutely loyal and faithful to the Lord God Jehovah, you are not living a life of obedience, and you are not living a holy life, you will not know how to discern the antichrist and the false prophet from the true two witnesses of God. You will fall for the enemy’s scam, thinking that that is the truth.

If you get through reading these notes and listening to the message and still have an unsanctified mind and spirit, God will stop convicting you (Revelation 22:11). He is not going to pull you by the ear anymore.

Today is the day to repent. If you don’t decide today, you will not get another opportunity.

These false prophets will teach false doctrines (2 Peter 2:1)–they are diviners of false visions, imagining things to be visions and revelations from God (Jeremiah 29:8, Ezekiel 21:29, Ezekiel 22:28, Zechariah 10:2). You can get a revelation from the Spirit of God, and you can also imagine things from your own heart and mind. Don’t walk about anymore.

The false prophets will prophesy out of their own hearts.

To the ministers of God: Are you truly doing the works of God, or are you simply doing what you want to do? Are the works you are doing truly mandated to you by the Kingdom of Heaven, or are you doing them because someone else is doing it and you are imatating it?

If the Lord has revealed to you that you have strayed away, today is the day to come back to the ancient path which is the path of beginnings. Remember that which you did at first and repent. Repeat the first works (Revelation 2:5).

There are adulterers in the land. We know of an adulterer as being one who has an affair, rather being married or single. Not only is the unbelieving world filled with adultery in America, but the Church. The Pastors give no care to adultery. To them, it is ok to have adultery.

You will find a Christian Pastor saying, “My wife and I are ok. However, we have decided to go our separate ways,” and the congregation clapping. You will not find this anywhere else but the house of God. All of the filth is in the Church, not the world. The Lord Jesus said, “The tax collectors and the prostitutes will enter into heaven before you Pharisees,” because they will set their lives straight and will enter into heaven (Matthew 21:31). They who are called by the name of God will continue to be obstinate. We have grown up in Church. We say, “I do not know any other religion than Christianity,” and we become so desensitized to sin. The next Sunday, you will hear that pastor saying, “The Lord has shown me my real soul mate–my secretary.” This has become so common and we are becoming a laughing-stock. Now, we have gay and lesbian Bishops and Pastors. We are “lovingly” welcoming the LGBTQ community. However, you will never find a gay Muslim priest, or a Gay Buddhist Monk. Yet, they who carry the cause are living a filthy life that all angels loathe.

All adulterers including the LGBTQ community practitioners will never enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21, Ephesians 5:5, Revelation 21:8, Revelation 22:15).

False swearers: Those that bear false witness. They are people who falsely criticize, back bite, and gossip against others; liars (Revelation 21:8).

When you write false criticism, you are spitting on your own face. If you have a fault with your brother, go and talk to him. Talk again with an elder if he still doesn’t agree. Then if not, expose him in the Church, not in public (Matthew 18:15-17). Any activity outside of this is not motivated by the Spirit of God. If you think you are anointed to reveal secrets, the Spirit of God didn’t anoint you. The Spirit of God hides secrets, but the devil reveals secrets. Nathan the prophet exposed King David’s sin in public, but in private!

Oppresors of wages: The money and the wages will cry out to God that it has been defrauded (Deuteronomy 24:15, James 5:4).

Don’t oppress the destitute; the widows and orphans (Deuteronomy 15:7-11).

God didn’t bless you to just save up for generations to come. Bless others with it.

God is against those who don’t fear Him (2 Corinthians 5:11). Be careful of the terror of the Lord. It is fearsome.

In spite of all of this ugliness, filthiness, and loathsomeness in this nation, yet God did not consume us (Malachi 3:6) because His compassions fail not (Lamentations 3:22).

Each time Jesus looks at the nail prints in His hand, He sees you. That is why He sends prophets continually to woo us back to Him.

Return back to God with all your heart (Malachi 3:8).

There was an angelic being that walked up to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and asked, “Would you like to go up before the council of the Lord and see what they are discussing about the U.S?” He said, “Yes.” When he went before the council, he was met by Moses who is the chief member of the council. He was told:

  • Judgment now has been set to be carried out.
  • Churches that have not been walking right before God have been marked.
  • When Moses spoke those words, Sadhu saw in a vision a huge black cross, like the symbol of multiplication. Instead of sheep in the churches, there are wolves. These Churches are marked for destruction and fire. When the Twin Towers came down, a Church that was nearby also came down and everyone wondered, “How can a Church be destroyed when many people who walked into the Twin Towers were protected by God?” Later on, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj made an investigation. This Church had hosted the Dallai Lama to speak at the Sunday service (this is where the biography blog about the Dallai Lama comes in). They had also asked the Dallai Lama to bless the Lord’s Supper and distribute it to the Congregation. This is an abomination of the highest crime. Even if it were permissible to ask a Buddhist priest to speak, one should not ask him to bless the Lord’s Supper.
  • The Churches that promote the Prosperity Gospel, Gyper-grace, loose living, easy grace, etc. will be marked for destruction. If you are one of these, you must repent and come out from among them (2 Corinthians 6:17).
  • Two signs will be given for this nation: the sign of Noah, and the sign of Lot.
  • Sign 1: The sign of Noah. During Noah’s generation, there was much intermingling of human seed with angelic seed. As a result, demons were born. Demonic worship, witchcraft, sorcery and blood sacrifice were introduced in the generation of Noah. Judgment came for all of humanity in that generation, except for him and his family. During the judgment of this nation, the righteous and god-fearing will be saved by God.
  • Sign 2: The sign of Lot. During the times of Lot, the dominant sin was sodomy; the LGBTQ lifestyle. Sexual perversions of all kinds were dominant. In the same way that when the Lord judged Sodom and Gomorrah Lot and his family had left, the righteous people in this nation will be asked to leave.

Finally, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj was shown that there were many angels appointed to set fires, open snow houses, blow Tornadoes and Hurricanes throughout the land, and shaked the land through earthquakes. These angels were appointed and set apart for what they needed to do on this land. Even the angels of plagues and disases that are appointed to this land. These are the days of grace.

The Lord Jesus Christ is standing with outstretched arms, reaching out to every one of us, saying, “Come to me, my sons. Come to me, my daughters; for I am your refuge. For I am your provider. I am your protector. I am your sustainer. There shall be no other gods for you besides Me. If you this day will know your season and the time of your visitation–if you this day will choose to put awawy yourself, your filth, and embrace Me, I will surely keep you far from all this.”

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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