Apology Concerning Past Statement On 501c3s

I forgot to post the following podcast when I created it, but in listening to this (it took longer than intended), pray. Also, both read and do your research on The Trump Prophecies. I understand that this sounds like “just another person’s oppinion,” but pray about everything that I put out. God bless! P.S. My… Continue reading Apology Concerning Past Statement On 501c3s

Preaching The Word Or Experience

Remember when I wrote a Sermon Sunday called, The Word’s Place In Our Lives? https://kingdomadvance.family.blog/2020/08/16/sermon-sunday-the-words-place-in-our-lives/ In reading the article from Mstistry Today that I will post, I was reminded of the blog mentioned above. It is true that we cannot let our experience dictate the Word of God or cause us to just throw out… Continue reading Preaching The Word Or Experience

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