An Open Letter To Dr. Anthony Levatino

Dear Dr. Anthony Levatino,

I couldn’t find any contact information that I could personally email you, so I thought I’d reach out to you via open letter. Thank you so much for courageously discussing your testimony with us. I was in the process of writing an open letter to fellow pro-lifers, mainly any who would have hatred toward abortionists and those working in the Abortion Industry, and I listened to your interview with Focus On The Family.

I cannot understand what you may at times go through pertaining to feeling that when you die, not only will Heather be there, but so will the over 12,000 other children you aborted. However, I know someone who you may be able to relate to. Of course, you may have read his story already, but I wanted to give you something to study prayerfully. Of course, I’m talking about the Apostle Paul in the Bible. I couldn’t put my finger on it until today, but I feel like in a new way (usually I looked at people who persecuted the Church like Paul), you are like a modern-day Apostle Paul of our generation. He persecuted the Church, you aborted babies, which is what you both have in common (not meant in a condescending way). What made me think of this was when you said, “Nothing you could ever do would compare to what I’ve done.” I say this because Paul said, “I can testify that the Word is true and deserves to be received by all, for Jesus Christ came into the world to bring sinners back to life–even me, the worst sinner of all (1 Timothy 2:15, TPT)!

My family and I are praying a double portion anointing on you. I don’t know how long you’ve been doing this, but I feel like you’ve just gotten started. I don’t say this for flattery, but because I feel like the Lord has put this in my heart. I love you and I look forward to seeing your ministry thrive. However, I have a warning: I understand that you have already experienced it, but with Paul’s ministry came persecution. If you want, you can also follow my blog which I will be posting this on. And, if you ever need any prayer, you can just email me at (note for those other than Dr. Anthony Levatino that the email address posted above is only for him). God bless!

I forgot to show you the Open Letter to the pro-life movement I mentioned above.

Love in Christ and much support,


By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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