Changes To Blog

Hello everyone! I’d like to make an important announcement. There will be some changes to this blog. The posts where you are seeing them come directly from another person’s blog will not be scheduled. However, every post where I’m typing out a teaching will be scheduled, so that you won’t be as bumbarded with emails… Continue reading Changes To Blog


There will be some things on my site that I will be unable to fix pertaining to us with disabilities. Since is for people that know more about the computers, the parts that you may still be frustrated with are due to my lack of knowledge on computers. Thank you for understanding. God bless!… Continue reading Update

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Blog Announcement

Hello everyone! I would like to make announcement. Oftentimes, I am studying and get busy doing other things and I therefore don’t get around to staying caught up on my emails. I share these emails with my other social networks usually when I do. Since I have a new blog, you will be seeing these… Continue reading Blog Announcement

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Welcome! This is my first time doing this blog. I decided to do this so that if something ever happened that I couldn’t reach people on Facebook, people who use email could still reach me through this blog. However, this is only about what I feel like the Father has called me to do. This… Continue reading Welcome

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