Marxism, The Democratic Party, Social Justice, The Critical Race Theory, and The Gospel

The following blog is in no way in disrespect to my brothers and sisters in the Lord who believe even one inkling of thought concerning what I am going to outline today, but in love. I want to expose the devil’s schemes so that you can -every out from among the world. You perhaps have watched Conservative networks sometimes and heard them say that we should run from Churches that preach “Social Justice.” Well, I’ll dig into why that is later, but first, let’s address the beliefs of the Democratic Party as a whole. (Note: I realize that not all individuals who call themselves democrat adhere to all of these beliefs but may still spout the terms their party puts out, which is why I want to expose the truth in the form of this blog).

Black Lives Matter And The Democratic Party’s Beliefs’ Roots

Have you ever went to History class and learned of the Communist Manifesto? Perhaps, you heard that Communism fell. In a sense, it did, but the ideas of Marxism exist today, and who was one of the writers’ names? Hence the name Marxism. The document also discuses different forms of socialism, whose school of thought still exists today. This video, which I advise everyone to watch in full, details from the point of view of a Marxist the differences of Communism, Socialism and Marxism, and the different subtypes. Like you have read in this blog so many times before, I am a conservative in my beliefs, but I’m just providing this research from the people we’re discussing so that you will not just think that “this is just the Conservatives talking,” and dismiss it altogether.

I, in light of what I just presented to you (which, in order to get the full picture, I advise you to read in full and listen to in full), I also encourage and advise you to browse the Democratic Party’s website, and see if there are any similarities. I also encourage you to browse and find similarities on the Black Lives Matter website. Now, I’ll get to the article that led me to write this blog. What I’m going to do is link to things that were discussed in the article before actually presenting to you the article itself.

To understand more fully what social justice is from those that support it, click here. I want to discuss some of the things now that are being mentioned here in this sermon. Pastor Kenny talks over and over about the welfare program, which the video I just linked to discusses in more detail. Yes, Jesus is among the poor, but He also said that we’d always have the poor (John 12:8). I’m also of the belief that we should help the poor, as the Bible also says as Pastor Kenny pointed out in the above sermon (James 4:1-c; James 2:1-9; James 5:1-6; Matthew 25:31-46). To the charge against the foundths that they were racists and slave owners, I want you to watch this video from Video Bible School and do some research on your own concerning what he’s discussing in this video. He also lays it out in front of us, so take as long as you need as you pray concerning the points the video makes. I want to post a video I’ve posted before also about Critical Race Theory. Also, I encourage you to take your time in watching this video and doing any research necessary to have an informed oppinion. This video from Audiopedia confirms the things that were discussed in Pastor Kenny’s sermon. However, the video also states that there was an appology made on this front (we cannot read about the bad in history without also looking at the good. God still uses flawed people like He did in Scripture, so upon the authority of the Scriptures, you are hereby prohibited from being more harder than God. Are you greater than Hm)?

I now want to debunk the myth that Republicans fought against the Civil Rights Movement with this article “straight from the snake’s mouth,” as some say. Again, I ask that you take your time and read and research what you are being presented for your own benefit. Pray about it if and when necessary. I am going to end my commentary on this sermon with a Fox News interview with Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’so niece. I want to ask you: Is Trump really racist? Was he when in office?

Before I officially link to the article which caused me to write this, I will be linking to articles which the writer references so that you can read them for yourselves. Again, much prayer and research is needed in reading those, as, what Elizabeth told Abby Johnson when she came out of the abortion industry, it will take some time before you officially start to believe differently because you’ve believed what you believe for so long. Let’s get to it.

I found several interviews by Laura Ingram where Dr. Shelby Steele was the guest, but I couldn’t find the one discussed in the article which will you read in a minute, but perhaps you might be able to find it in your own research. As the interview with Jared Ball shows, Patrisse Culors admits that they are trained Marxists and confirms what Jennifer Clark on the Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! show tells us, which is that the word “Black,” is a code word for “Marxist.” This also explains why this movement never decries the murders in Chicago or didn’t decry the murder of David Dorn.

I couldn’t find the second interview with Patrisse Colors, which this time is brought to us by Democracy Now. I could have passed it right by, so please be on the lookout when you read about this one in the article which I will link to below. I want to show you a 13-minute debate where John McWhorter gives arguments of how today’s anti-racism hurts black people. I’m going to show you something else which is not actually in the article but whose name is mentioned. This, too is about anti-racism Ibram X. Kendi (actually an interview). Again, I couldn’t find this next interview which is from Good Morning Britain, who features Calvin Robinson, talking about Criticl Race Theory (I mention even the ones I cannot find so that when you read the article, you will be on the lookout in your research for the source mentioned in the article below). This article by Kevin Deyoung clarifies that the sermon above does make good statements that we must not as Christians disregard as “just lef-leaning rhetoric.” This is because the Bible does speak to the meaning of justice. There are no more sources that I can link to right here, but I want to link to a blog I did previously, commenting on a podcast where Abby Johnson interviews Samuel Sey, a member of the pro-life movement in Canada. I linked to this as a reminder because the article I’m about to show you reminds me of some of the very things that Samuel talks about and the sentiments he has. This article is a web-version of a PDF you can download. It is a 19-page document on Social Justice and how unbiblical it really is (even though the above article I showed you says it doesn’t matter either way). Again, I askty bathe everything I’m presenting in prayer and if necessary some fasting.

Final Thoughts

The blog you are reading is a call to pray, sit in the presence of the Lord and hear His voice, and if necessary, fast concerning what you’ve believed all this time; for the Bible says over and over again that we must separate from the world (2 Corinthians 6:17; Romans 12:1-2; Revelation 18). I will not impose what I think should be done in this matter concerning your home Church like other Conservatives have done, because I want you to have some time to seek the Spirit on this matter and let Him tell you the best choice. I know I’ll catch some flack from the Conservatives possibly for doing this, but I think it’s best for you to go to the One who knows betwither what is best than any leader in this whole world. God bless!

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.


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