The Truth About Abortion and Human Life, Part 15: Commentary About The Book Unplanned by Abby Johnson, Part 1

Welcome to this blog. We will be taking a break from the talk of feminism pertaining to the videos I was posting from Live Action, and today we will be starting a series of blogs where I am going to be honest and up front with you concerning the book I am about to read called Unplanned. This is the expanded edition of the one written back in 2010. The Preface of this book discusses how the expanded edition came to be. I won’t go into the details so you can read it yourself.

A Note From Abby

The section begins by talking about the thing that I have discussed so many times, which is putting asside your preconceived notions about how people think or act, and understanding where they’re coxing from.

I think it was Yesterday that I read it, but I read a post on Facebook from a well-known prophet which condemned Planned Parenthood workers to hell. What he may not know is that like Abby Johnson says, they may have been dooped by the person who was looking for volunteers to work at Planned Parenthood. Granted, there are some evil people that work at Planned Parenthood and granted, abortion is evil. However, this does not mean we should just condemn all planned parenthood workers because not all of them know that it is wrong. Some may know it is wrong and just not care. Some may not know that it is wrong but still not care. But we should at least try and help the ones that don’t know the truth to know it and get out like Abby Johnson does here on her website.

Abby asks a question in this section that I know bears repeating: Are you ready to look on the other side of the fence and see the surprising motivations of compassion and goodness, not just the bad? Selah!

The Ultrasound

In this chapter, Abby discusses the abortion where they use the aid of an ultrasound (I forgot the name of it so I didn’t want to call it something it wasn’t). In this clip, you don’t get to have the privilige of knowing what is in her heart and what’s going on in her mind as she goes through with the proceedure. However, in the book, she discloses exactly what she was thinking, the actions that were being taken by her, and the feelings she had about doing the proceedure while perforxing it. This is one reason thus far why I like the book better than the clips of the movie that I had watched and linked to before in the series we’ve been doing.

The Volunteer Fair

This chapter discusses the Volunteer Fair where Abby was recruited to become a volunteer at Planned Parenthood. Notice how Abby had good intentions in working at Planned Parenthood. Notice the motive that both the woman recruiting Abby and Abby had when reading this book.

The Power Of A Secret

I, like Abby, kept a secret. She discloses a relationship with a man a few years older than herself (I can’t remember the age and won’t disclose the name due to the fact that I don’t want to spoil too much for the one who wants to read the book). This man had taken his other girlfriends to get an abortion at this clinic in Houson, Texas, so he knew right where it was. Also, Abby had an abortion (read the book for the full story).

Sometime this year, I was sharing with my friends an event I was going to attend virtually on Facebook put out through eventbright by Jennifer LeClaire. It was concerning prayer. His Facebook profile’s name was Mike Mike. His real name was Perry. His Mom, for reasons only known to him and to her, prohibited him, a 23-year old, I think, from having a Facebook account. Well, that day, he called me on Facebook Messenger. We began to chat as friends. Then, we exchanged numbers. We did that on day 1.

It got to the point where I was not spending as much time with the Lord as I liked, and I talked with my Grandma about it. She told me that I needed to set some boundaries. So I did. Eventually, it got to where we were talking some in the morning, and some in the afternoon. Then it was some in the morning and a goodnight call.

Then came the day. We had been sending each other some videos for a while by this preacher named Pastor James Ford Jr., whose sermons about sex are graphic and if you’ll remember, I also talked briefly about one of his sermons in the blog called Declare A Thing. It was on April 28th of this year, I think, that Perry asked me out but told me also to keep it a secret. Two days later though, it would be cleared to be told to my family. It would be on the morning of May 5th that I would have to break up with him. Remember the blog that I posted back then where I showed you a video about how to get over or cope with a breakup? That was the reason why I wrote that blog and many others.

The reason for my breakup was that like the man in the book (again I don’t want to spoil it) and Abby’s relationship, our relationship was “excalating.” The only difference between mine and hers was that I was that I did not want it to go that fast, I was anxious all the time which was a red flag for me, and I was even having bad dreams of me complaining about Perry at night. In those dreams, some of them at least, it went so far as me taling the Lord, “I’m tired of it, Father.” I’d always wake up crying. The first night didn’t really have anything to do with the bad dreams, I don’t think. But then again, my memmory fails on me in some of the details.

I don’t want to go too much into the details but just to say, “I relate to what is in this book in some ways.” Something I can say is that just recently, my Grandma and I were just discussing this very thing after watching a part of an investigative show we sometimes watch. Grandma told me something that the people my age and even older should remember: She said, “Don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me something.” I’m sure that you as a parent would tell your child the same thing. Well, begin at the age of 9. Please consider having healthy discussions with your children. Also, if anyone in your family ever talks to your child about the pro-life argument (or whatever argument you are discussing), you must educate your children. I understand that you want to protect them from these things, but kids at the age of 9 are playing videogames where their character is killing another character, and since abortion is the murdering of a human baby, you should no longer withhold this information from your children, or else make sure that they know in no certain terms that games that condone killing are strictly prohibited. Just make sure that when they are about to hit the teen years you teach them then about abortion and its effects on the mother and the child, the stages of the fetal developement and more. It needs to be taught. Also, the liberals in our education systems are educating the kids as young as 8 years old from what I remember. Do you want the teachers to teach your child against the very values you treasure? Then teach them the values yourself. Note that this requires research.

The Cause

This chapter discusses the different types of protests from the pro-lifers that Abby and the volunteers at Planned Parenthood encountered at their shifts escorting the women into the clinic for their abortion. I challenge you to remember what I’ve said in the past and when reading this book, notice what happens when a person uses such tactics as holding up a sign with an aborted fetus on it, dressing up as the grim reaper, and having signs in bold red letters saying, “Murderers.”

The Bond Of Compassion

This chapter talks about Planned Parenthood’s Annual Lobby Day, and discloses also the divorce proceedings of her then husband (whose name, again, I will not disclose due to spoiling too much). She also discloses her second pregnancy and also her second abortion. Because of the description of the abortion, I think that the Abortion Pill Scene is what this chapter in some ways is describing. Also, let’s take a good look at the statistic that she mentions from the Guttmacher Institute that Abby cites in her book. As of this first blog, I will leave you with that. However, I’d like to end with this song by Matthew West. God bless!

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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