The Idolatry of the Right

I am writing this blog because of what I see everywhere. I am going to tell of my experience and what I believe about the tabooed Democrats. You will know my positions before it is over. This sounds like hate, but as you will see during this blog, it is not. Just bear with me.

Sometime between 2017 and this year, we met another church called The Parish, whose sermons I’ve mentioned here in times past and where I’ve invited you to go to in times past. This was the beginning of my encounter with people of different political stances than I.

I used to be just like other people who believed (or at least it appears that they do) that all Liberals are bad. I would agree with people that were atacking even Christians who believed such, calling them things like “The Deep State Church,” among other things. Even when I first started at The Parish and was beginning to meet them, granted I thought I loved them dearly. They were and are my brothers and sisters in Christ. However, every time I’d watch one of those videos, something stirred up in me that was really not who I wanted to be.

Before I started on this journey with The Parish, I would read such books as The Heart of the Prophetic and A Prophet’s Heart, both of which I highly recommend. They are by Jennifer LeClaire. One or more of these books (I can’t remember) discussed what the Lord showed Jennifer to do concerning if someone were to accuse her of wrongdoing. As you will see in the book/s by her, the strategy was to own up to what was true in the accusations and anything that is not tvoe spoken by this person is not to be considered. And, if it turns out that the accusation/s were all false, they were to be discarded altogether.

One day, I read a post from one of the pastors of The Parish. When I read it, immediately the spirit of offense whispered in my ear and I took the opportunity to get offended. Our gracious Lord kindly reminded me of the thing I had learned. I read the post back to the Lord and owned what I felt like was true. The Lord opened my eyes.

Later on, in reading and watching CBN articles/videos from my emails, I came across What The Bible Says About Racism.

When I read both the above article and Jim’s article, this lead me to write the Sermon Sunday called Racism, which also has the article in it and my thoughts. So that we’d know some things to consider with the Lord, as some if not all of you may know, I wrote the blog called What Should I Do.

As you know, I schedule some of my blogs to come out in the future, and these are just two of the articles I did this with. So, between the time I wrote the Racism and What Should I Do blogs, I watched a video from Bill Johnson, which really hit home for me. It helped me to know the ways in which I ought to pray for anyone I disagree with or how to honor and for lack of better words “deal with,” such people.

Suffice it to say, everything I’ve mentioned above has helped me richly in being able to talk with people with disagreements. I keep forgetting in talking about this to mention the year 2019. On February 12, 2019, Elizabeth Johnston, AKA The Activist Mommy, called for a day of mourning and repentance. No going into stores even. I think she mentioned wearing black.

So, I talked with Pastor Judy of Preach Unto Them Jesus (we’re as close as a flesh-and-blood family would be), and we decided to hold a prayer vigil on the same day. One of the Sundays before the vigil, I went to The Parish as usual. I had no agenda. However, a courage was in me in asking each person I encountered that day. I was honestly not expecting people to be as open as they were but they were. The majority of the Conservative outlets I had listened to at the time painted all Liberals with a broad paintbrush. All of them were closed minded. All of them were bad. In a sense, that was their propaganda. Granted, almost every Christian that I’ve talked to that are liberals won’t change their minds. However, this is not limited to the Democrat Party. This is ALL of humanity in some respects. There is a stubbornness in all of us to not want to change our beliefs or our way of thinking. Something in all of us wants to think we’re right. Sometimes, that’s good–like when we believe in Jesus, we wouldn’t be so open-minded that we just welcome other religions in our midst. This is what I’ve learned in so short a time that I’ve been growing in the Word.

To make a long story short, the vigil went good. However, even the majority of our church didn’t come for whatever reason. I like my friend Maria’s response whom I asked before that very cool Sunday morning. She said she’d try to come if the schedule allows. When I asked her about her views on abortion, she said that it didn’t matter her oppinions on abortion. What mattered was what God thought about the subject. What was so cool about that Sunday morning that I mentioned above was that my perception of the democrat Christians had changed. I walked away knowing that at least the Christian part would want to talk openly about their beliefs and at least consider other people’s beliefs.

What I think about the subject of the media is this: If it is truthful and unbiased, we should watch it, irrespective of if it is Christian or not, although my preference would be to the Christian outlets nowadays. If it is demeaning of other human beings, rather they be Rebpublican, Democrat, Independent, Black, Brown, Blue, etc., they are not of the Father and should be discarded as dung. One outlet which I used to watch was Ben Shapiro. With all due respect, this is one of the reasons why I ceased from watching ALL secular news outlets and started contributing more of my time to people of faith wanting to report the news. Ben may have good content, but the way in which it is delivered, to me, Christ would not even watch his shows. He might pray for, talk to and hang out with him as a person (which I would gladly do myself if given the chance), but he wouldn’t contaminate his spirit with hate. That’s my personal belief. Again: When I mention people’s names, I am not demeaning or throwing them under the bus.

I say what I say with all due respect to the person I’m talking about. Today, I would gladly chat with both Republicans and Democrats.

Now, let’s fast-forward to the present. The Lord continues to use many things to help me to get along with other people. What I am about to say may offend some. Here it goes:

If a Social Media platform were owned by the Liberals, as long as they aren’t censor-happy, it is okay with me. I’ve never seen a Conservative outlet censor people like the liberal-owned Facebook, Twitter and others, but the same applies to the Conservatives: If you are going to censor our brothers and sisters in the Lord or even a non-believer for their difference of views, let me know because even I, one who agrees with you almost wholeheartedly in your views, don’t want to be a part.

The idolatry I want to talk about today is the loyalty to the Republican Party. Here seems to be the propaganda floating around: The Democrats are bad, and the Republicans are good. People may say, “It’s not about Democrat or Republican,” but if their actions say, “I hate you,” to the Democrats, run far away from such news sources. Don’t read that blog. Don’t listen to that station. I mean it. Hate is not allowed in the Christian (Matthew 5). Even I am having at this time to be refined by the Lord in the area of anger. These two twins are strictly forbidden by King Jesus. Even President Trump, a new Christian must learn this or suffer the consequences for his actions in the future with all due respect to God’s anointed.

God anointing people that don’t have good character traits doesn’t mean He won’t call them to repentance. We’ve got to stop only praying for the good people that are exposing the “evil” of say, voter fraud–people such as Sidney Powell. How about praying for Biden and his campaign as people, not as Politicians (if you agree with Trump and support him). How about asking the Lord to give the “evil people,” you despise so much a hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matthew 5). How about asking the Lord to save their soul. How about asking the Lord to show them the truth concerning such issues as Abortion.

You get the point. I also want to expose a lie that is circulating about MeWe. The lie is that MeWe is owned by Facebook. People have even left the platform because of this lie. Well, here is the CEO of MeWe, Mark Weinstein, discussing this very issue. This video also exposes the winy lie that the Conservatives are the only ones being Censored.

I hereby denounce the idolatry that is being committed by the Conservatives, rather they be Republican or Independent. I do not support the hate speech which I see so prevalent on Parler. I like Parler because it is more free. However, I am becoming more and more a fan of MeWe instead. MeWe is for every. Single. Person. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Independent, Democrat, or if you aren’t in politics. About the hate speech I mentioned above, it does not incite violence, but it seemingly demeans another person. God bless!

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.


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