An Open Letter To Fellow Trump Supporters

Dear fellow Trump Supporters,

Today, I want to address a pet peve of mine. This has to do with how we treat our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord who are Democrats. Today, after listening to some of day 1 of the RNC and days 1-3 of the DNC, I have started to read the Book of Acts. As all of my blog followers know, I have been doing this Warning Against Others series. Today though, it clicked. I want to take a different look at Acts 10.

The first part of it, of course, is when Cornelius had received an open vision from God–an Angel appearing to him. You can read for yourself about the encounter and the trance that is talked about next which Peter had. Peter’s vision had to do with the Gentiles. The “Gentiles,” of half of the Church are the Democrats. We have made a man-made rule which says, “These people are all bad. Do not associate with them.” This is the same thing which the Jews did in Peter’s day. I encourage all of us to do research into the racism of his day against the Gentiles. I see to many articles asking things like, “How can you call yourself a Christian and vote for Biden?” I am not condoning the evils of this party, but it’s like the Pharisees. Was Nicodemus as bad as the Religious Leaders and Chief Priests who crucified our Lord? How about Joseph of Ramah? Jairus whose daughter was healed by Jesus?

I want us to think about what is being written here. Let’s pray about this. Like I said Yesterday: We must put away our pride. I see that there are people who won’t say certain prases that the Democrats say because of their evil intentions. Yet, I hear people who follow Christ all the time saying, “Good luck!” and luck is from the New Age. What’s the difference? Of course, I won’t chant a certain phrase like, “Black Lives Mater.” I may say it, but we have our own ways of protesting, like for instance, Prayer and Action Justice Initiative and other movements/Initiatives/Organizations. Now, let’s get to the Scripture passage for today.

“Peter said to them, “You all know that it is against the Jewish laws for me to associate with or even visit the home of one who is not a Jew. Yet God has shown me that I should never view anyone as inferior or ritually unclean.”

Acts 10:28 TPT

This Scripture was the one that started to help me to connect the dots. Essentially, in our day (perhaps we don’t come right out and say it like Peter did), our version would be like, “The’s this thing going around in the Church that all Dems are bad because of the evil they endorse. However, the Lord has shown me through His word that I should not consider them inferior to me or my group/party.”

“Peter said, “Now I know for certain that God doesn’t show favoritism with people but treats everyone on the same basis. It makes no difference what race of people one belongs to. If they show deep reverence for God, and are committed to doing what’s right, they are acceptable before him.”

Acts 10:34-35 TPT

This, to me, means that as long as people revere our God, seeking to do what is right (this also means that the person is humble in his/or her conduct no matter his/or her beliefs), God is no respecter of persons.

Jesus said, “So I give you now a new commandment: Love each other just as much as I have loved you. For when you demonstrate the same love I have for you by loving one another, everyone will know that you’re my true followers.” (John 13:34-35, TPT).

Here are some things I suggest we do:

1. Study the history of the prejudices in the Old Testament against the Gentiles. Compare them to some of the articles we write or read today. Although I love the fact that Mario Murillo tries to fight for the truth of the Gospel, there are some things I disagree with as to him attacking our brothers and sisters in Christ. So here’s the deal: Read what the Jews said about us (not as a way to be bitter, but as a lesson to us that we are doing the same thing). Then, read articles by Mario and other leaders of our day who you know attack our brothers and sisters in Christ. Compare and contrast. Also, I’m not trying to throw Mario Murillo under the bus or attack him; for I respect and honor the office the Lord has given him and the accuracy of the prophecies he releases. I’m just saying all of us to think.

2. After you have done this, ask the Lord to reveal any “racism,” or prejudice you may have against them. I’m not saying that we should get along with every single person in the world, but we must get along with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus said that it is our job to catch the fish and HIS job to sift them; for HE knows the thoughts and intents of our hearts, and we know NOTHING.

3. It doesn’t matter if you are prejudiced against the Democrats among us, or someone else. I charge you: Reach out in love. Put asside your petty offenses that you think God has with His children, and reach out in love. Upon the Authority of the Scriptures, I am not asking. This is a command (look at John 13:34-35 again, but also study this ou).

4. Do anything extra that the Spirit gives you to do. What steps is He asking you to take in love?

Sidenote: In all of this, remember 1 Corinthians 13:1-8.

Love in Christ,


Published by Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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